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Marco Lorenzoni es un investigador coleccionista de minerales que ha hecho importantes descubrimientos a la isla de Elba y en algunas minas de Toscana.
Haciendo búsqueda con Andrea Dini del C.N R. de Pisa, en el otoño del 1994 Marco descubrió el pegmatite "Forcioni" en el valle homónimo en el territorio de Campo en Elba.

La revista americana "Extralapis Internacional" con el número dedicado a la mineralogía italiana: "The Italian Island of Elba" le dedica un artículo en pag.26.

Sobre una geoda en el pegmatite a la isla de Elba

A derecha la cubierta de la revista "The Italian Island of Elba"

Collectors Spotlight: Marco Lorenzoni

Marco Lorenzoni is a prospector and collector, who has made important discoveries of Elba minerals and veins. Working with Andrea Dini of the University of Pisa in the autumn of 1994, Marco discovered the Forcioni pegmatite in the Forcioni Valley. In spite of the limited thickness and lateral continuity of the pegmatite, the Group 3 Forcioni produced more than 50 exceptional polychrome tourmaline specimens.

A power plant electrician by trade, Marco became interested in minerals when he was 9-years-old and a friend gave him a quartz crystal and a pyrite cube. He began spending considerable time on the hobby in 1980, when he was 17. Living in Lucca, Marco has focused on the minerals of Sardinia and of Tuscany and has collected most of the known localities in the province. Vacations for Marco have meant collecting trips to the Alps, Mexico, Greece, Nepal, India, the USA, and Madagascar.

In spite of the considerable time that he spends collecting, Marco's wife Giovanna supports him in his hobby as does their 11-year-old son Giacomo, who sometimes joins his father in the field. Marco keeps most of what he finds, as each find brings a "rush" that he relives when he looks his collection.

An accomplished amateur photographer, this collector's dream is to produce documentaries on some of the world's most important mineral finds. In 2004 he completed a short film on the discovery and excavation of Elba's Rosina pegmatite.



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