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I began in 1985 just over 20 years old, to experience the pleasure of travelling beyond limits, with an adventurous crossing of the Sahara desert equipped on a Land Rover 88 (in those days the unmarked trails were made with a compass and maps, there weren't gps).

The majority of cases my journeys are tied also to events on mineralogical sites like for example: India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, Kosovo etc being able to buy specimens directly from the place of origin.

Pakistan: Trekking towards the pegmatite of Stak Nala Karakorum

Pakistan: The Rakaposhi (7.790mt.) swept by the Hunza Valley wind

In some places i have got the chance to do research personally like in Madagascar, Spain, California, Arizona, in the islands of Greece, etcetera.

Madagascar: Dikes of the sapphires of Ioshi

Madagascar: Tunnels of the Anjanabonoina mine

It so happened that I stayed a month and a half in Brasil: the mineralogical country par excellence, without seeing a stone; in fact in the autum of 2000 I was with a famous team from Lucca, already experts in documentaries, filming a documentary which testified the humanitarian aids in that country, by a famous Italian ONG.
The intense constructive experience from the human side is touching in certain aspects, having established contact with some aboriginies, the experience helped us to travel to 5/6 Brazilian states showing us the reality of social difficulties of the country.

Brasile: The boys of the favelas of Salvador Bahia

From the favelas of Rio and Salvador Bahia to the family shelters of Rio Branco, to the protests of Sem Terra, to the sick people of hanseniasi in the leper colony and villages along the rivers, we concluded our beautiful experience with 15 days in the Amazonian Forest north of the Rio Negro, near the border of Venezuela, with the Yanomami Indians.

Amazon: The Yanomami Indians with the chief of the Xamatauteri village.

It was without any doubt the most interesting moment: identifying ourselves with everyday life of such fantastic people who still live in primitive conditions; apart from the extraordinary journey in order to reach their villages: two days on a motor boat along the Marauja river infested with crocodiles and piranha, passing through five rapids under the violent equatorial thunderstorms.


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Madagascar is also a very fascinating place, where, with my friend Federico we practically immersed ourselves through the plateau of the central villages in search of tourmaline, sapphire and ruby mines with the thousands of dangers found in the Madagascar territory.
Meeting the local Indians here was also the most colourful part, with all their rituals to thank the gods for their benevolence and driving away all the bad luck from the research sites.
It is very difficult to relate to a population who's characters are strongly marked by unreliability and improvisation.

Madagascar: Georges and Jone, the ammonite king

Madagascar: Doar's grandchild

Madagascar: With Georges and the porters at the arrival at the Andoasakambana village

Madagascar: Normal situation found along the Malgasce trails

Madagascar: Federico showing the specimens to the Doar family

In all of these places I also had the opportunity to define my other greatest passion: photography, especially in black and white.

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