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The wish to know and explore the veins of our mountains has always been very strong for me, the Apaune Alps, which represent the most famous phenomenon in Italy, have given me the opportunity to develop myself technically in this discipline.

The attack of a 60 mt. vertical in the Pozzi abyss

The Lucchesi tunnels

Exploring the natural cavities made from narrow meanders and above all holes, (in our area they are excavated in marble and therefore almost exclusively vertical), very different from those in the old mines, in caves our main aim is to learn, to travel and admire the hypogeum spaces which water has excavated millions of years ago, only using a hammer to plant nails.

Passage in a meander

500 meters of depth in the Pozzi abyss

However the passion to go down to the Apuan abysses is today only a memory rather than actual reality, but the spelealogy techniques are still used even in mineral research underground.

Practice on ropes

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