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My field of action is surely Tuscany obviously because it is my region, even if in the years 80/90 I have carried out systematic explorations in the rich Sardinian territory: from Sarrabus to Iglesiente to Anglona.


Helped by my experience in the spelcologic and alpine field and also pushed by my insatiable desire of exploration I spent my energy in almost 30 years of research between mines and surface of the metalliferous hills, from the top of Versilia and on the Pisani mountains.

With Gianluca in the Ripa mine


The search for the "faden" quartz on the Pisani mountains.

First before others is surly the famous mine of sulfides of Bottino.

Left: with Angiolino at the "due canali" – Bottino mine, 21 September '91

and right: the descent into a shaft and exciting the Bottino mine

In the last ten years I have moved my attention towards the Alpine Arc, especially in the Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta area, encouraged by the company of some local friends, with which I have shared some beautiful experiences.

In Val di Viu with the Piemonte group.

Though without doubt the Tuscan archipelago is where I had the greatest satisfactions.
On the Island of Giglio, before the 90's, I carried out excellent discoveries, while in Elba: the true and real pearl of mineralogy, it has been and always will be my most passionate and visited destination.
I know the oriental part well and sometimes I collaborate with my friends from the "Parco Minerio di Rio Marina", with which I recently collaborated to make a documentary for a didactic purpose on the extraction of iron minerals.


Look at the video on the extraction of iron minerals
(it is necessary to have installed the player from Quick Time)

It is possible to find the complete DVD on sale at the "Parco Minerario dell' Isola d'Elba" near Rio Marina.

Con With Alessandro and Federico during the excavation at Valle Giove on behalf of the Minerario dell'Isola d'Elba.

My strongest passion is for the western area precisely surrounding the plutonic granite of Monte Capanne. Here certainly I concentrated my exploratory strength, also gratified in the years by some very important pegmatite, always searching for the mythical "tourmaline": the queen of all crystals.

The group of researchers after the discovery of the vein at Forcioni in the autum of '94. From left Andrea, Marco, Adriano, Carlo and Filippo.

With Roberto in the mine of Pollone.

With the people from Emilia Scheggia and Giuliano: in search of morione quartz in the country of "Reggio nell Emilia".

On the pyrope vein in the Piemonte valley with Luciano and Mario.

From my diary, 7th May 2005.
Research on M. Serra

...it is a part of vein exceptionally rich and immediately Giacomo and I take out spectacular pieces working as usual with extreme care, only using pointed flints made of wood to move the clay which keeps the crystals trapped.
At least 10 large faden all bi-terminated or ricrystallised one of which was over 10cm long, which is a true fairy-tale. Working meticulously we manage to remove without causing any damage 4 really beautiful clusters ,even more than 25cm long.


In Sardinia with my Bergamo friends and Antonio, Paolo and Giancarlo from Brescia.

With Alessandro and Klaus on pegmatites in "Elba".

With Federico in the area of Graziano in the "Island of Elba"

Thanks to all my friends present in these photo's and even to those who are not, but, have co-operated with me nevertheless in my explorations, special regards to Mario who is no longer with us.

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